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The Tyrant Under The Skin - Caroline Sanders

It is May 1649 in England. The King is dead, and the Levellers in the New Model Army have mutinied against Oliver Cromwell at Banbury. Captain Thompson and his trusted comrades are galloping towards Northampton fleeing Comwell's certain revenge.


Brilliana Barebone, her brother William, and friend Nathaniel Elkin are occupied in their own desperate acts of rebellion. They find their lives altered forever, as they become entangled in the Leveller mutiny: the bloodshed, and the battle for principle and ideal. Will the friends escape the clutches of the evil slaver Elber Choke, and the godly John Barebone? Will they conquer tyranny, find themselves, and ultimately find love?

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The Oppressed Identity,

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Mutual Aid 


The Meaning of Property

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